screw press/เครื่องรีดตะกอนแบบต่อเนื่อง



Features: New cutting-edge technology for sludge treating solution allow the machine to dewatering low concentrated sludge, direct from Oxidation ditch. Streamline and automatic programmed (inverters) design to make the operation much more convenient and accurate while provide a simple process, low system investment, high efficiency as well as energy-saving. Equipped with multiple layers of Fixed and Moving ring made by stainless steel SUS304 for corrosion resistant. Able to treat sludge consistency at 0.2 – 5 %. Application: Suitable for sludge dewatering of various industrial wastewater treatment plants. The sludge dewatering of the butchery, livestock. The sludge dewatering of the city sewer, excretion, water purifying, etc. Sewage treatment plants. Solid and liquid separate under processing for the food & beverage, chemical industry, mine, etc. Cylinder Head : 1 – 4 Head Cylinder DN : 100 – 400 mm Treating capacity : up to 133 m3/hr Dry sludge capacity : up to 1700 kg.ds/h Water content rate : 75 – 85% Power : Up 8 kw Material : SUS304

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