• General Introduction

      The compact unit reactor adopts the standard container as its main body , which is convenient for transportation. The treatment capacity of one unit is 50-200m3/day. We specially developed this system according to the characteristics of urban and rural domestic wastewater, the general industrial waste water and black smelly river course.  The wastewater treatment technology AO + MBBR and AO + MBR are adopted to achieve high treatment efficiency and stable effluent quality.

      The effluent quality can meet "ClassⅠ A / B standard Discharge Standard of Pollutants for  Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant  (GB18918-2002) or Class IV Standard of Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB3838-2002).

    • Features

      Compact units with small size 
      Increased treatment capacity 
      Complete solids removal Improved settling characteristics 
      Operation at higher suspended biomass 
      Concentrations resulting in long sludge retention times 
      Enhanced process stability 
      Low head loss,low noise 
      No filter channeling 
      No need of periodic backwashing 
      Reduced sludge production and no problems with sludge bulking


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